In a rowboat, with no oars.
Find myself swirling down rapids.
Alone, in sole rowboat.
Waves huge, crashing all around.
Moving forward all the time
Fast. Confused. Lots of activity.
Monsters attack my weakened state. Angels fight them steadily.
I crouch down in fear.
Let it happen over my head.
While rapids water rushes beneath me.
Swept and swept and swept.
Three years storm now
Or four even
It goes on
The thought of a clearing approaches me
Clouds breaking and clearing?
Could it be true??
All that storm seems so fresh tho
Can I coast a little while?
In what feeling tho?
Fear of another storm?
Peace in coming thru this one?
The evil monsters slink away, like waking from a nightmare
They recede into a dark forest.
Leaving me in the boat on the river,
Still floating along with my hands free, no oars.
Looking up at trees swaying above, and sun starting to shine
Dark forest to the sides
Oh God, could this be Hope??
I feel the sense of battle being fought for my Soul by Angels,
My Angel, my Love
I see the battle in vision
No time to deny the truth
Of Vision
Let it be and be it
Forward always forward
And I hear them in the trees
Replacing the devilish screams
With sweetness
Like sweetened cream
Shriek away those defeated ones
Can’t believe I’ve been fought over and for
By the Hosts of Heaven itself.
Amazing Grace
That I matter
Alone in this boat
Wondering what’s next
And which perspective do I carry forth with me
Confusion in the bent down dark
Is lightening up now
Hope is something now
The river keeps running now
Oh flows to the sea
Oh God
Like trees in summer on that canoe trip in Canada
Just like that, those trees
Real as any perceived reality
Comes to me, bend a sense to it


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